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79, Oak Pon Seik St., Mayangone, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Manufacturer and Distributor of Leading Detergent Powder, Detergent Cream, Beauty Soap, Health Soap and Softener in Myanmar Market. The company has been registered since then on 28th Dec 1994 as 100% Myanmar Citizen Owned Organization and Operation started at 1998. As a initial step, imported Brand New Machines and Equipments to start the production by GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) at Soap Factory in Jan 2000. Started the first operation of Beauty Soap “ Paris” Sales & Distribution on 19th September 2000. For the purpose of Quality Assurance, Organization is practicing in line with TQM and achieved ISO 9001:2000 by Certificate No. CI /6791 in 11th April 2006 and modified to new version of ISO 9001:2008 by Certificate No. 42912/A/0001/UK/En 27th Oct 2010. Due to the market enhancement and fulfillment to the local market requirement, Detergent Cream Factory 2 was established and introduce the new SKU, Detergent Ceram in February 2007. New Variants of Detergent Cream are added up in distribution list in February 2008 (Cherry Green) and February 2010 (Super White) for the white clothes. According to the market requirement and market demand, the new range of soap, Anti Septic Soap was marketed in June 2009 and the brand name is “Life Plus” with two variants of (1) Total Protection and (2) Beauty & Protect. As 2012 update, Life Plus GREEN Active & Fresh Soap was introduced to the market in Q2 & 3. In May 16, 2019, Pop Softener was launched for Modern Life Style with 15 Days Long Lasting Scents and 6 in 1 Benefits for Consumers. On 6th of February 2020, Oki Detergent Powder can perfectly fulfill the demand based on shift of consumers’ focus on personal and household hygiene with health protocol due to Pandemic’s threats globally & Locally as well.

Products and Services

  • Paris Soaps
  • OKI Detergent Cream and Powder
  • Life Plus Health Soaps ( Antiseptic Soap)
  • POP Softener


  • Consumer Products
  • Detergents
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