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39-A, Phoe Sein Rd., Bahan Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Aspect Management Security  (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. was established in 2009.The training program consists of essential elementary security providing methods, the teaching of basic rules/regulations, courses on providing first aid, basic fire fighting skills, traffic control techniques and rules, self defense courses, handling of CCTV and the use of other security devices, use of metal detectors, skills in conversing and dealing with people, etc. Only after having fully acquired all the foregoing skills are they appointed as Security Guards. These Security Guards are provided to various businesses, companies, factories, embassies, homes, hospitals, clinics, hotels, strategic buildings, trade fairs, mass meetings/gatherings, parties, etc., for undertaking efficient security services.

Products and Services

  • အခ်ိန္ပိုင္းလံုျခံဳေရး၀န္ေဆာင္မႈ
  • ႏွစ္ခ်ဳပ္၊လခ်ဳပ္ျဖင့္လံုျခံဳေရး၀န္ေဆာင္မႈ
  • Body Guard ၀န္ေဆာင္မႈ
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