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by INHOUSE Industry Co., Ltd. on 21 June, 2021
Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

  1. Taking in charge for showroom sales to achieve the sales target
  2. Responsible for new customer reception and company brand and service introduction, tap customer needs, and ensure that measuring opportunities are obtained
  3. Taking care of Showroom sales items/stocks and make sure to keep good Showroom image
  4. Answering inquiry phone calls and making cold calls to customers to follow up the inquiry
  5. Taking in charge to follow up the order, delivery and installation process
  6. Negotiate/close deals and handle complaints or objections from customers
  7. Making daily, weekly and monthly report to Manager
  8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders

Open To


Job Requirements

  1. Any graduate
  2. Age under 30 years
  3. Minimum 2 years working experience especially in Showroom related retail industry is preferred
  4. Good communication skills, sales skills and teamwork spirit
  5. Pleasant personality
  6. Must be able to work under pressure
  7. Good computer skills in MS Office
  8. More preferable of English language proficiency
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by Pest Control on 16 June, 2021
Yangon , Myanmar
 Job Description Company Profile The Company is involved in the provision of pest control and hygiene services advice and is managed by a seasoned internationally experienced team. What you will do • Sell the company’s services across a broad church of industries in a clearly defined geographical area. • Accurately identify clients and build up a client database. • Present, promote and sell products and services to both individual and corporate customers. • Proactively manage both the clients and the client database. • Coordinate and effectively communicate with logistics, other sales team members and CRM, sharing client information. Job Requirements • Language - fluent in both spoken and written Myanmar and English. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office. • Good knowledge of the geography of Yangon • Proven sales experience. Degree or diploma educated. • Excellent communication skills. • Enthusiasm, drive and a can-do attitude. • Confidence. ... Read full article
by Myanmar Brewery Ltd on 16 June, 2021
Yangon , Myanmar
 Job Description Responsibilities: The Application Developer is responsible for the development of business solutions and reports based on functional and technical requirements. Take a part in the development, implementation, integration, testing and support team of Business Transformation Project. The job holder has to work closely with functional project team and external related parties to achieve the project’s goal. ABAP programming, testing and debugging functions related to the implementation of SAP modules. Knowledge in SAP Business Warehouse, analytical SAC reporting and SAP analysis for MS office. Understand business requirements very well and ability to change business requirements to solutions. Posting error/bugs log to SAP support and dealing for workaround and solution. Requirements: Holder of Computer Science or IT related bachelor’s degree with at least 2 years experiences in software development. Excellent coding, debugging, problem-solving and analytical skills Good in 4 skills of English language. Knowledge of ERP systems in manufacturing or any kind of industry. Strong technical skills in SAP, ABAP preferable, C++, .Net or JAVA. Knowledge in Database and SAP Business Warehouse are preferred. Good interpersonal and communication skills, Service Oriented skills.... Read full article
by Seafood City Hot Pot on 15 June, 2021
Mayangone, Yangon , Myanmar
 Job Description Supervise kitchen employees and organize food orders. Oversee the food preparation and cooking process. Recruit and train kitchen employees in designated stations. Monitor inventory levels and perform weekly inventory assessments. Supervises workers engaged in inventory, storage, and distribution of foodstuffs and supplies. Schedule work shifts for employees. Store all food products in compliance with health and safety regulations. Ensure the kitchen is clean and organized. Maintain weekly and monthly cost reports. Job Requirements Bachelor’s degree in restaurant management minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role. In-depth knowledge of kitchen health and safety regulations. Ability to work well in a stressful and fast-paced environment. Excellent problem-solving and conflict management abilities. Outstanding communication and organizational skills.... Read full article
by Europe Asia Commercial Co., Ltd. on 15 June, 2021
Hlaing, Yangon , Myanmar
 Job Description Ensure delivery of art, photo, and layout designs within the brand execution standards (i.e., aligned Brand Visual Identity). Support the Creative Services Manager in implementing design and format standards to ensure production of consistent, high quality artworks on time Follow through and provide creative input as initial production of related artworks are made available to the Team Provide new inputs/alternative approaches to graphic design in relation to a local Myanmar context and/or emerging trends in the target audience’s receptivity to visual communications Provide inputs on competitive activity as well as digital media executions to the Brand Teams, as visuals are being developed. Open To Male/Female Job Requirements Minimum 3 years of experience as a graphic designer in an Advertising/Design Agency or within the graphic design unit of an FMCG/F&B company Strong attention to detail and familiarity with production techniques, including an understanding of how design colours / executions will register on various materials. Solid understanding of design principles, copy, and fresh approaches to visual communications Ability to manage multiple projects... Read full article
by Myanmar Carlsberg Co., Ltd. on 15 June, 2021
Mingalar Taung Nyunt, Yangon , Myanmar
 Job Description Responsibilities - Managing director’s agenda and assist in planning appointments, board meetings, conferences etc. -Attending meetings and keep meeting minutes Handle and prioritize all outgoing or incoming correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.) -Maintains office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement. -Coach, mentor and discipline office staff -Supervises and coordinates overall administrative activities for the Office Administration Department. -Make travel arrangements for all senior leadership team and their Family Handle confidential documents ensuring they remain secure -Manage travel accommodation, yearly agenda etc. for senior leadership team Translated the news/announcement from Myanmar to English Versions if require for -Managing Director Prepare invoices or expense claim for Managing Director and Supply Chain Director. -Arrange Hotel, and logistics for visitors from group higher level Organize and manage the cost both local and over sea trips for Employees (Tickets, Hotel & Logistics) -Help/assist to apply visa for employee when they need (prepare requirements) -Manage to use Standing Cash for admin use and logistic fee for MD and driver salary Job Requirements -A degree holder -Proven experience as an executive administrative assistant, senior executive assistant or in other secretarial position -Excellent knowledge of MS Office -Proficiency in English... Read full article
by GIORDANO MYANMAR on 14 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Job description • Lead and manage all day-to-day operations and ecommerce • Maintain expertise of the E-commerce landscape and growth opportunities • Maintain detailed tools, processes and systems • Monitor, analyze and report on performance metrics Desired Skills and Expertise • Preferred 3-5+ years’ management experience in apparel e-commerce. • To build our eCommerce capability to deliver our ambition of growing our ecommerce sales and be a leading driver of growing total company revenue.... Read full article
by GIORDANO MYANMAR on 14 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Job description • လုပ္ငန္းခြင္ႏွင့္ ေလ်ာ္ညီေသာ ကိုယ္ရည္ကိုယ္ေသြး၊ စိတ္ေနသေဘာထား၊ အမူအက်င့္မ်ား ရွိရမည္။ Desired Skills and Expertise • Customer Service ကို ေကာင္းစြာ သေဘာေပါက္နားလည္ အေတြ႕အၾကဳံရွိဖူးသူျဖစ္ရမည္။ • Digital ေရာ Non-digital ပါ လုပ္ကိုင္ဖူးသူ ဦးစားေပးမည္။ • က်န္းမာေရးေစာင့္ေရွာက္မႈ၊ ေဆးပညာ၊ ေဆးဝါး စသည္တို႔ႏွင့္ ဆက္ႏြယ္ေသာ အေတြ႕အၾကဳံရွိမည္။ • Customer Inquiry မ်ားကို စိတ္ရွည္စြာ၊ ေကာင္းမြန္စြာ ေျဖၾကားေပးနိုင္ရမည္။ • Facebook ကို စီးပြားေရးလုပ္ငန္းသုံးက႑အတြက္ ကၽြမ္းက်င္စြာ သုံးတတ္သူ ျဖစ္ရမည္။ Page မ်ားႏွင့္ Group မ်ားကို ကိုင္တြယ္ထိန္းေက်ာင္းနိုင္ရမည္။ • အေျခခံ computer literacy, IT literacy, health education ရွိရမည္။ • Typing ျမန္ရမည္။ စာလုံးေပါင္းမွားခဲေသာ၊ စကားလုံးအသုံးအႏႈန္း ေျပျပစ္ေကာင္းမြန္ေသာ အဆင့္ျမင့္ျမန္မာစာအဆင့္ႏွင့္ သင့္တင့္ေလ်ာက္ပတ္ေသာ English level ရွိရမည္။ • Digital Marketing အေတြ႕အၾကဳံမ်ားသူ၊ ေနာက္ခံ ဗဟုသုတရွိသူ ဦးစားေပးမည္။ • နိုင္ငံသား အသက္ (၃၀) ႏွစ္ထက္ မႀကီးသူ ျဖစ္ရမည္။ • အထက္ပါအခ်က္မ်ားႏွင့္ ကိုက္ညီလ်င္ ေက်ာင္းပညာေရးႏွင့္ အျခားလိုအပ္ခ်က္မ်ားကို စဥ္းစားေပးမည္။ ... Read full article
by Seafood City Hot Pot on 14 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Job Description Employs food safety best practices and makes sure that all kitchen staff members do the same Acts with appropriate caution in a dangerous environment where there are knives and high-temperature surfaces Selects choice ingredients that will give dishes the best Flavor Experiments to come up with new specialties that will draw diners into the restaurant Coaches the sous chef and other members of the kitchen staff, so they perform at their best Determines how much food to order and maintains an appropriate supply at the restaurant Keeps up with trends in cooking and the restaurant business to ensure that guests have a positive experience Works quickly and accurately during busy periods, such as weekends and evenings Occasionally takes on extra duties, such as cleaning, when the kitchen is short-staffed or the restaurant is particularly busy Takes direction and works with the restaurant's administrative team Open To Repatriate Male Job Requirements Proven work experience above 4 years as a Chef or Cook Advanced knowledge of culinary, baking and pastry techniques Leadership skills Creative Flair Flexible Schedule Strong Communication Ability to remain calm and undertake various tasks Excellent time management abilities Up-to-date knowledge of cooking techniques and recipes Familiarity with sanitation regulations Culinary school diploma preferred... Read full article
by Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Co., Ltd. on 14 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Job Description ဆန်ဝယ်ယူရေးအပိုင်းအား တာဝန်ယူဆောင်ရွက်ရန်။ ဆန်အမျိုးအစားများအားလုံး နှင့် ဆန်အရည်အသွေးများကို ‌ကောင်းစွာသိရှိပြီး အချိန်နှင့်တပြေးညီ ဝယ်ယူရေးဆောင်ရွက်ရန်။ ဆန်စျေးနှုန်း အတက်အကျများသိရှိပြီး ညှိနှိုင်းဝယ်ယူခြင်း။ ဆန်သိုလှောင် ထိန်းသိမ်းခြင်း လုပ်ငန်းဆင့်ဆင့်ကို သိရှိနားလည်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။ Open To Male Job Requirements တက္ကသိုလ်မှ ဘွဲ့ရရှိပြီးသူဖြစ်ရမည်။ ဆန်ဝယ်ယူရေးပိုင်းဖြင့် အတွေ့အကြုံ (၅)နှစ်နှင့်အထက်ရှိသူဖြစ်ရမည်။ ဆန်ဝယ်ယူရေးပိုင်းအား ကောင်းစွာဦးစီးဆောင်ရွက်နိုင်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။ ပုသိမ်မြို့တွင် နေထိုင်၍ တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်နိုင်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။ ဆက်ဆံရေးကောင်းမွန်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။... Read full article
by Myanma Awba Group on 09 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Job Description - Prepare IA Charter. - Develops audit objectives and prepare audit programs. -Plans, organizes , direct and control the works activities and staff engaged in conducting financial and operational auditing. -Develops and coordinates audit schedule, budget and manpower requirements for audit assignments. -Directs and review activities of the auditing sections and assigns audit department resources to ensure that established audit programs achieving their objectives. -Review adequacy of internal controls and implementation of internal controls. -Periodically review and recommend updates in corporate accounting policies and procedures frameworks. Reporting -Reports to Head of Internal Audit and has unfettered access to the management committee. -All audit reports circulated to senior management as well as line management -Significant findings circulated to the boards of management committee. -Summits periodic internal audit reports and summaries of audits to the management team as well as to Head of Internal Audit. Open To Male/Female Job Requirements - B.Com, CPA, Licensed auditor. - 5 years excellent experiences of risk-based internal auditing. - Ability to lead and manage auditing staffs. - Excellent time management and written and oral communication skills. -Communication Skill , honest and ethical. -Commitment to professional and auditing standards. -Adequate audit training.... Read full article
by Dagon Gloary Co., Ltd. on 09 June, 2021
, Myanmar
 Desired Skills and Expertise Requirements - Any degree holder. - At least 2 to 3 years experience in sales field - Strong working sales & marketing experience. - Must have driving license. - Able to travel local. - Good communication skill.... Read full article
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