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by Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. on 04 February, 2021
Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

change manager will play a key role in ensuring projects (change initiatives) meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage. This person will focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures.

The role will be responsible for the development and implementation of projects aimed at increasing operational efficiencies with a strong focus on digital transformation.  

· Plan, develop, organize and implement projects that drive operational efficiencies

· Develop project plans and implementation strategies that support the project objectives

· Design, develop and implement training and communication plans

· Manage key stakeholders and communicate effectively with the business on changes

· Undertake business readiness assessments

· Oversee a team of staff, provide coaching and mentoring as well as monitor performance in line with the company’s Performance process

· Work closely with IT and external vendors on digital transformation projects

· Provide the business with reports that inform the business

· Facilitate meetings and training sessions


Job Requirements

· Bachelor Degree in business related field and Master Degree is preferred

· 6+ years in progressively responsible roles, HR, IT or Project Management

· Excellent communication Skills (internal & external)

· Demonstrated understanding of business processes with a track record of implementing large scale projects 

· Strong understanding of the principles of Change Management in a business environment. 

· Highly computer literate with MS Office and proven track record implementing digital solutions

· Effective people management skills

· Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines

· Fluent in written/ spoken English and Burmese

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by HiQ International Trading Co.,Ltd (MGOU) on 04 February, 2021
Botahtaung, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

Brand -building advertising for different brands at MGOU Myanmar Trading Co.,Ltd Coordinate all social media channels & agencies Implementing innovative campaigns,events,media planning,market intelligence,competitors analysis etc increase the number of followers,' like ' and audiences for our digital marketing and social media outputs Support Marketing Manager and then execute the assigned marketing plan Assist in negotiating contract,terms and conditions with agencies,social influencers, blog Advise management of significant market information and report new ideas


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in any discipline and diploma in marketing
  • Minimum 3 years experiences in related field
  • Must be good at using computers and knowledge of graphic design
  • Good in English 4 skills
  • Must be good knowledge in retail marketing
  • Creativity with a results focus
  • Skills and experience in creative content writing
  • Must have good communications, negotiation skills,Leadership skill

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by Padauk Shwe War Port and Petroleum Co., Ltd on 27 January, 2021
Kyauk Tan, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description 

  • Responsible for the carrying out of all Tank Farm activities, including the lining up of pipelines and systems, dipping of tanks, routine checking and monitoring of related equipment such as pumps, MOV, pressure/temperature switches and gauges, and other assigned tasks.
  • Follow the operation procedure to deliver safe, reliable operations and comply with company regulations.
  • Co-ordinate with CCR to ensure all the clients’ requirements and instructions are carried out according to terminal operating procedures and parameters.
  • Ensure proper dipping of shore tank is conducted to measure correct product level and temperature inside the tanks.
  • Responsible for operating the terminal slop system, including the Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI).
  • Checking of running pumps for abnormal sound and leaks.
  • Timely reporting of any malfunction of equipment and proper housekeeping of responsible area.
  • Co-ordinate the commissioning and decommissioning of the terminal facilities.
  • Execute the operating instructions by the Improvement Supervisor or Senior Operations Supervisor.
  • Co-ordinate with Jetty and Tank Farm Supervisor for troubleshooting.
  • Assist in investigations as and when required.
  • To perform housekeeping and ensure the work area is neat and clean at all times.


Open To



Job requirements 

  • Engineering Degree or Technical certificate. 
  • At least 2 years' capacity as a Tank Farm Senior Technician (or equivalent) in the Oil Terminal Industry or 5 years’ experience as Tank Farm technician. 
  • Experience in tank farm operations, including checking and lining up of system, dipping or ullaging of shore tanks.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow employees and others to achieve identified goals and objectives.
  • Positive attitude and self-motivated
  • Able to analyse problems systematically, organize, and identify underlying causes and generate solutions.
  • Independent judgement
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by Padauk Shwe War Port and Petroleum Co., Ltd on 27 January, 2021
Kyauk Tan, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

Desponsible for all Jetty and Tank Farm activities by leading and directing the Jetty and Tank Farm Team.

  • Supervise the implementation of operational procedures to deliver safe, reliable operations and comply with company regulations.
  • Co-ordinate with CCR to ensure all the clients’ requirements and instructions are carried out according to terminal operating procedures and parameters.
  • Continually inspect operations for abnormal circumstances at the tank farm and jetty area and timely report any malfunction of equipment.
  • Ensure proper housekeeping of responsible area.
  • Co-ordinate the commissioning and decommissioning of the terminal facilities.
  • Execute the operating instructions by the Improvement Supervisor or Senior Operations Supervisor.
  • To take over any roles in the Jetty and Tank Farm as and when necessary.
  • Take necessary and appropriate actions to resolve operational issues.
  • To carry out the investigation and inform the relevant department heads on high discrepancies for all loading and unloading operations.
  • Ensure operational records are documented and correctly filled in and filed by Jetty and Tank Farm Team.
  • Plan and work out the manpower roster and arrange replacement as needed.
  • Develop and train all Jetty and Tank Farm personnel by positively reinforcing performance and giving encouraging coaching as needed to promote safety and work proficiency.
  • Provides performance feedback and appraisal for the team.
  • Be part of the terminal Emergency response team and safeguarding the Terminal assets and coordinating fire and safety-operations during emergencies.
  • Achieve Key Performance Index set out by the management.
  • Carry out the yearly appraisal of subordinates.


Open To




Job Requirements

  • Engineering Degree.
  • At least 5 years' capacity as a Jetty and Tank Farm Supervisor (or equivalent) in the Oil Terminal Industry or 7 years’ experience as Jetty and Tank Farm Assistant Supervisor.
  • Experience in tank farm and jetty operations, including ullaging of barge and vessel, establishing loaded or unloaded figures.
  • Knowledge of custody transfer weights, measures and associated devices such as liquid flow meters, tank calibration, and other related volume measurement, etc.
  • Must have strong organizational skills with ability to prioritize multiple assignments, be versatile and able to handle multiple priorities and deliver to tight deadlines under pressure.
  • Able to communicate effectively in English.
  • Knowledge of applicable codes, regulations and standards, such as OSHA and process safety related.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to effectively delegate work to accomplish assignments.
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by Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar on 27 January, 2021
Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

Assists in the preparation of profit and loss statements, reports and various analyses as per required by the SLT

Drives timeliness and completion of reports from stakeholders which are relevant in the management reports and analyses

Assists in ensuring compliance of Sales and Commercial Team’s processes with company policies

Performs market research, data mining and business intelligence which will be used preparing financial analyses / cost benefit studies

Assists in providing great market insights amidst limited data sources through triangulating proxy performance measures.

Identify and drive process improvements, including the creation of standard and ad-hoc reports, tools, and Excel dashboards


Coca-Cola Growth Behaviours:

  • Inclusive
  • Curiosity
  • Agile
  • Empower


Job Requirements

-Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy or any Finance / Management related courses


-Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (excel, powerpoint, outlook, word)

-Must be proactive, analytical, hardworking, organized and keen on details

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by Annam Myanmar on 27 January, 2021
Thaketa, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

  • Support the development of a robust demand forecast, that is agreed to by Sales and Marketing.
  • Support the monthly S&OP consensus meetings by working with the cross functional teams to ensure alignment
  • Produce monthly reports for the S&OP and business review process
  • Monitor forecast vs. sales/order intake, create and maintain forecast accuracy reports
  • Coordinate to prepare a document to apply for import VISA / FDA of products by checking with import documents.
  • Coordinate to prepare a necessary document for the order comes from France/ Turkey (eventual custom clearance docs…
  • Stock management and inventory organization (Control the out of stock, expired date, Share stock between each zone/store…, inventory random check with accounting…)
  • Consolidate all stock from all points of sales and main storage to be accurate in the system.
  • Follow up shipping deliveries with the HO from France / Turkey until stock arrived at the shops (prepare docs…)
  • Coordinate with demand planner to have enough stock for all sales channels
  • Follow the incoming report



Job Requirements

• 2 years of experience preferred in the relevant industry.
• Software skills: Excel, Power point, Word, Photoshop.
• Spoken & written English (fluent level required).
• Excellent communication skills, customer & targets oriented.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, Planning & organization.
• The ability to conduct cost/benefit analysis.
• Have knowledge of cosmetics & SPA business environment (skincare, massage, etc.)

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by Thiyawmani Co.,ltd on 27 January, 2021
Bahan, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

စိုက်ပျိုးရေးဘွဲ့ရ၊ နည်းပြစိုက်ပျိုးရေးကွင်းဆင်းဝန်ထမ်း(မြစ်ကြီးနား)

- ဒေသခံတောင်သူလယ်သမားများ/ရွာသားများနှင့်ဆက်ဆံရေးကောင်းမွန်ပြီး ဝန်ထမ်းများအား နညးပြညွှန်ကြားနိုင်ရမည်။

- စိုက်ပျိုးရေးဘွဲ့ရ(သို့)ဒီပလိုမာတစ်ခုခုရရှိသူဖြစ်ရမည်။

- လုပ်ငန်းအရလိုအပ်လာလျှင် နယ်သို့ခရီးသွားလာနိုင်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။



Job Requirements

- စိုက်ပျိုးရေးဘွဲ့ရ(သို့)ဒီပလိုမာတစ်ခုခုရရှိသူဖြစ်ရမည်။

- ခြံနေရာတွင်နေထိုင်ရမည်ဖြစ်ပြီး နေရာအထိုင်အခင်းစီစဉ်ပေးမည်။

- လုပ်ငန်းအရလိုအပ်လာလျှင် နယ်သို့ခရီးသွားလာနိုင်သူဖြစ်ရမည်။

- ဆန်စပါးစိုက်ပျိုးရေးလုပ်ငန်းကို နားလည်တတ်ကျွမ်းပြီး လုပ်ငန်းအတွေ့အကြုံအနည်းဆုံး ၃နှစ်ရှိရမည်ဖြစ်သည်။

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by NaviWorld Myanmar Business Solutions Co., Ltd. on 19 January, 2021
, Myanmar

Job Description

If you:
would like to build your career in a dynamically growing Global IT company.
would like to become a specialist working with one of the largest ERP applications on the market.
would like to learn how a large ERP implementation the business operation of companies.
would like to be part of a professional team whose goal is to enable their Customers to be more successful in their businesses.
would like to widen your professional skills, gain professional experience, and learn new things.
would like to work in a dynamic and international environment.


Open To

New graduates



Job Requirements

- 1 or 2 years minimum of working experience 

Specific Job Duties:
This position provides the opportunity to provide financial, manufacturing, distribution, service and CRM software consulting services to our clients, including the following:
- Lead and participate on implementations of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.
- Analyze business processes, gather customer requirements and define solutions.
- Perform system configuration, installation, data migration and testing.
- Identify and define software customization as required by the client.
- Coordinate with development group on solution design, programming and testing.
- Provide user training and support.
- Assist the Project Manager.
- Identify client needs which can generate additional services and/or product sales.
- Maintain an on-going professional relationship with all assigned clients.
- Gain and maintain product certification.
- Maintain a minimum billable utilization rate.


Qualifications Required:
B.Com/B.A(ECO), LCCI (III), ACCA Part1, specialized in Accounting or Economics or equivalent.
Accounting or financial systems background, CPA a plus.
Experience as a consultant strongly preferred.
A demonstrated ability to work and manage projects independently and ability to communicate with the client and project team.
Ability to multi task and work concurrently on multiple projects.
The ability to deliver knowledge and content to the client in a professional manner.
Strong interpersonal skills to manage client relationships from a consulting standpoint.
Candidate with good Microsoft office skill or experience with Accounting Software will be preferred.

More Information:
Contact us at +95 9 453366116 or email: [email protected]

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by Total Fire Protection on 23 December, 2020
Botahtaung, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

  • Oversee all project activities, including cost management, project schedule, staff development, site safety and security.
  • Project management, coordination, implementation, execution, control, and completion of specific projects.

  • Manage project staff and provide direction and support to project team.

  • Manage project resource allocation.

  • Plan and schedule project timelines.

  • Present reports defining project progress, problems, and solutions.

  • Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project output.

  • Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team.

  • Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations.

  • Determine the frequency and content of status reports from the project team, analyze results, and troubleshoot problem areas.

  • Coach, mentor, motivate, and supervise project team members and contractors and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.

  • Ensure the smooth completion of the project.

  • Able to dealing with client/owner/consultant/main contractor for projects matters.

  • Ad hoc assignments.



Job Requirements

  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

  • At least 3 Year(s) of working experience as Project Manager (Fire or P&S or ACMV) is required for this position.

  • Knowledge in Auto CAD software application.

  • Proficient in MS Project, MS office.

  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

  • Willing to travel in Yangon boundary to work.

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by Design Communications International on 14 December, 2020
North Dagon, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

- Develop and implement growth opportunities in existing and new markets.

-  Develop strategies to meet market business development goals.

-  Arrange business meeting with prospective clients.

-  Research and identify new market opportunities.

-  Ensure good relations are maintained with customers, suppliers and all members of staff at all levels

-  Ensure that the team has daily and weekly plan and follow the plan accordingly

-  Train the team members to develop their selling skills  



Job Requirements

-  Any graduated with Diploma in Business Management/ Marketing Management

-  At Least 6 Years experience in Construction and Interior Decoration sales field

-  Good English language proficiency and good computer skill

-  Strong Communication skill, Interpersonal skill, Sales Planning, good client relationship with current and potential clients

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by De Heus Myanmar Co., Ltd on 14 December, 2020
Bahan, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description

  • Liaise with internal departments to determine recruitment needs.
  • Determine selection criteria, hiring profiles, and job requirements for vacant positions.
  • Source potential candidates through online company career portals, recruitment sites, job boards, social platforms, as well as print media, posters, and flyers, when required.
  • Evaluate applications and screening candidates via calls or emails, as well as facilitating pre-interview assessments.
  • Compile interview questions and conducting in-person or video call interviews with shortlisted candidates.
  • Develop hiring strategies and procedures in line with industry trends, as well as keeping informed of advancements in the field.
  • Well managed the employer branding activities and social media related were effective for effective organizational employer branding purpose to ensure a better organizational image.
  • Partner with business leaders to provide customized training solutions.
  • Assess training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, or consultations with managers or instructors
  • Design and create training manuals, online learning modules, and course materials
  • Review training materials from a variety of sources and choose appropriate materials
  • Assist in the evaluation of training programs
  • Perform administrative tasks such as monitoring costs, scheduling classes, setting up systems and equipment, and coordinating enrollment
  • Any other duties assigned by Country HR Manager




Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management, or similar.
  • 2-3 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition and learning and development
  • Exceptional ability to screen candidates, compile shortlists, and interview candidates.
  • Experience in creating awareness of the company brand and establishing professional relationships with candidates.
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills – experience working with a multi-cultural organisation
  • Advanced or proficient level of Microsoft Office skills, Power Point and Excel in particular
  • Good in English and must be good communication Skill
  • Good team player with ability to interact with all levels


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by Asia General Holding Co.,Ltd on 14 December, 2020
Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon , Myanmar

Job Description


  • Prepare yearly budget of manufacturing & quality based on business plan and manpower planning
  • Deployment of business plan to team members
  • To achieve daily production target and ensure to meet customer demand
  • To work with optimum manpower and ensure system compliance as per IEE standard
  • Ensure harmonious work environment and safety on the shop floor
  • To form Quality Circle, Kaizen, Improvement projects, TPS, CFT, KAN BAN, Lean manufacturing concept and any other relevant tools
  • Production planning and Control management


  • Ensure all quality compliances and deliver defect free product
  • Interaction with the customers for any quality issue
  • Ensure timely closing of quality issues
  • To arrange quality system audit
  • Adherence to product and process plan


  • Manage all inspection works from time to time, liaison & coordinating with inspectors to ensure smooth inspection process.
  • Inspect, test, or measure materials or products being produced
  • Monitor operations to ensure that the products being manufactured should meet production standards
  • Recommend adjustments to the assembly or production process
  • Discuss inspection results with those responsible for products
  • Maintain records of testing, information and various metrics such as number of defective per products




Job Requirements

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Power with min 15 years of experience. candidate should have experience in manufacturing of distribution and power transformer plant up to 230KV,150MVA.
  • Manage up to ten direct reports and an extended staff of over three hundred
  • Hire and upgrade staff at the facility to maximize the talent and productivity of the team
  • Create a positive, team-oriented environment where fun and hard work is rewarded
  • Execute performance reviews and employee development
  • Possesses the ability to influence and drive other internal organizations to solve problems across functional organizations
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