Winner Power Int'l Co., Ltd.

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773, Bo Soon Pat St., 36 VIP Ward, North Dagon Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Winner Power Group is one of the leading companies in Myanmar, doing the Exports & Imports Business with overseas countries as well as Engineering & Construction for turnkey basic in Myanmar, Government and Private Sector for a long time. Electrical power business is one of our main sectors in Myanmar Market.Our Group of Company has started operation since 2011, our sale volume was increased to sell the retail, whole sale, project and significant sales are 33kV Transmission Line project at Watayar, Yangon and most of the housing project under Ministry of Construction

Products and Services

  • Htf Cable
  • Breaker
  • HT/LT line accessories
  • Panel


  • Cables & Wires [Manu/Dist]
  • Car Manufacturers
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