Sun Power (Solar Division) Co., Ltd.
Sun Power (Solar Division) Co., Ltd.


Sun Power (Solar Division) Co., Ltd.

One Stop Solar Service Provider.
12/B, Tharlar Waddy St., 7 Mile,, Mayangone, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Sun Power Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Being an oldest solar company in Myanmar. Sun Power has been involving in solar business since 20 years ago . Mango Energy Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Sun Power Co., Ltd and an one-stop solar service provider in Myanmar.

Products and Services

  • Off-Grid/ Hybrid Solar Power System (or) Solar Mini-grid (Rural School & Clinic, Community Centres, Remote area, mini -grid,etc..)
  • On-grid / Off -grid/Hybrid Industrial and commercial solar power system (Rooftop Solar)(Factories, Resorts & Hotels , Shopping Malls)
  • Solar Street Lighting System (Factories , Private use, INGO & NGO)
  • Solar Home System ( Rural area, Private use, INGO & NGO)

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Sun Power Co.,Ltd.
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Bldg G, Rm 38/39, Thiri Yadanar Retail/Wholesale Market,, North Okkalapa, Yangon, Myanmar