Sea Fresh (International Yadanar Trading Co., Ltd.)


Sea Fresh (International Yadanar Trading Co., Ltd.)

975, Saya San Rd., Corner of Pearl St., Ward (33), North Dagon, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
We supply wide range of Seafood and frozen food for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering and home kitchen with FREE Delivery service. And we also do Export and Import Frozen Seafood , WholeSale & Retail. We majorly Export wide range of frozen seafood into Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other markets.

Products and Services

  • Sea Food Supplier (Export/ import & Local), Free Delivery Service
  • Seafood Mixed (ဂဏန်း၊ပုစွန်၊ငါး၊ကမာ၊ရေဘဝဲ)


  • Foodstuffs
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