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Thelocation of Shwe Depar Company Limited is in Yangon, Capital of Myanmar whereeconomy is prosperous. We are one of the leading trading companies in Myanmar.We mainly engage in trading of electronic goods, components and accessories,various kinds of machines, and plastic products. Shwe Depar Company Limited wasestablished in 1994. Since then, PP woven bags and shopping bags have beenmanufactured continuously.

          Since from foundation of our firm, wehave established stable and long-term trade relationship with many regions ofdomestic as well as foreign land. We always attempt to be creditable, partialhonest, competitive price, superior quality and careful of timelyimplementation.

          We also engage in exporting farmproducts fishery products and plastic finished products. Various kinds ofmachines, spare parts and electronic component are imported by us according tothe business principle of mutual benefit. We also order and supply machineryparts and accessories for tenders arranged by Myanmar government.

          Since 2002, Shwe Depar founded aseparated Company in the name of Royal Machinery & Electrical Goods CompanyLimited (RM) in order to perform our trading and services as effective aspossible.

          We sincerely hope we can cooperatewith more business friends around the world. You are welcome to contact us formore detail information.

1.   Exportingfarm products (pea especially black gram fishery product and plastic finishedproducts).

2.   Variouskinds of machines which are essential for industrialization. Such as Rubber MoldingMachine, Injection Machine, Water Chiller, Cooling Tower and etc. Are directlyordered and imported from domestic as well as oversea companies and runningboth sale service and agent service.

3.   Wesell different types of machines useful in industrialization and machineryspare parts, electronic goods and components in superior quality and reasonablecompetitive price. (Electric Circuit Breaker, Various kinds of Electric Motors,Electric Magnetic Contactor, Electric Meter, Current Transformer, TestingMeter, different type of Controller & Sensor, Electrical Control Component,Speed Control Motor Inverter, Thermo Sensor, Electric Motor Control Box,DN2W/DN2HS Sewing Machines & Spare parts etc…)

4.   Machineryparts & accessories and electronic goods are sold by our agency service fordynamic industrializations.

5.   Bestsuppliers who can be best sellers of your products are also available through ouragency service.

Products and Services

  • Sack, Onion bags in various sizes including manufacturing, selling and sealing business trademarks, brand, etc…. service.
  • Multi-colored HDPE, LDPE Shopping bags and inner bags in various sizes, manufacturer and supplier of colorful thin shopping bags (“Power” brand and 21 century brand “especially brand and trademark printing service on Shopping bags).


  • Plastic Materials & Products
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