PT 2006 International Co., Ltd.


15, 5 Flr, 55th St., Botahtaung, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Our fast-growing logistics solution provider, PT2006 International Co Ltd, is based in Yangon, Myanmar - an emerging economy of Southeast Asia which is strategically located between China and India.With warm and sincere customer service, fresh and innovative ideas and unwavering commitment, we provide the most reliable freight-forwarding services in and out of Myanmar.In terms of affiliation, PT2006 is recognized as a prestigious member of WWPC & WFN and an active member of Myanmar Freight-Forwarder Association.Young and dynamic, the company aspires to be the best logistics partner of our customers through its agility and customer orientation. For any kind of logistics need, please contact us. Trust us since we are always there to help you.

Products and Services

  • Freight Forwarding Services.
  • Customs Clearance.
  • Container Trucking / LCL Delivery.
  • Cross Border Trucking.


  • Custom Clearing Agents
  • Freight Forwarders
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