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We provide advice on fire protection systems based on our knowledge of current standards, industry practice and experienceWe work with specialized technical consultants to customize and optimize designs to your needsWe have the skills, credentials, and experience to handle complex integrated fire protection systems which include sprinklers, water mist, CO2, foam, clean agent systems and other fire detection and active suppression products and servicesOur supply and installation team are trained personnel who are committed, co-operative and experienced to meet job site requirements during constructionWe are sensitive to time completion of a job and have met deadlines for large and complex jobsThe fire protection systems and products recommended and supplied are in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), British Standards (BS) and Loss Prevention Council (LPC) rules and other building codes, fire codes, local by laws and state and federal government legislationsAfter installation, our engineers, together with technical consultants and project architects make general inspections at job sites to ensure the configuration and quality of construction adhere to design requirements and conform with shop drawings and submitter informationEach fire protection system we install is fully tested and commissioned in its entirety before the examination by inspection authorities.


  • Fire Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Equipment
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