Nan U Yin


367, Lower Kyee Myin Daing Rd., Ahlone, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
We are one of the biggest importers in PVC Flooring and PE Tarps Business here in Myanmar. A variety of thickness in PVC Flooring is available. Tarps are available as ready made sheet with eyelet ring attached and rolls.

Products and Services

  • ဖေယာင္းပုဆိုး၊ပီနံမိုးကာ
  • ႐ံုနီေကာ္ေဇာ၊ပင့္ကူ၊ဇကာလိပ္
  • လေဈး၊ဖ်ာအေရာင္းဆိုင္
  • သံဇကာလိပ္ ၊ ကားသဲခင္း ၊ ေျခသုတ္ခံု။


  • Plastic Materials & Products
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