Myit Shwe Wah Industry Co., Ltd.


133, Hlay Thin Ah Twin Wun U Chein St., Industrial Zone (1), Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Founded in 1999, Myit Shwe Wah Industry Co. Ltd. is the leading plastic packaging provider for consumer and food products in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Whether in terms of quality, production capacity, or technology, Myit Shwe Wah is undoubtedly the market leader for plastic packaging in Myanmar.

Products and Services

  • Food & Beverage packing
  • Consumor Packing
  • Farm & Agricultural packing
  • Pharmaceutical Packing
  • PVC Shrink labelling Packing
  • ပစၥည္းအရည္အေသြးေကာင္းသည္။
  • အေကာင္းဆံုးဝန္ေဆာင္မႈေပးပါသည္။
  • ေဈးႏႈန္းမွန္ကန္သည္။
  • လက္လီလက္ကားလည္း ရသည္။


  • Plastic Shopping Bags [Manu/Dist]
  • Bags [Plastic]
  • Plastic Materials & Products
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