Multi Technopower Engineering Co., Ltd.


66, Rm G-1, Bldg 4, Moe Kaung Rd., Ward (13),, Yankin, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
MTES is formed with qualified, skills, energetic aggressive young personnel. Our objective is to support installation and facility maintenance to our valuable customers. MTES is a professional service firm specializing in installation technology enable business imporvement.nOur design, plans and installation services transform your organization to archieve sustained advantages and enhance to your business goals.nOur missions to build strong customer relationship by providing reliabe quality products and services especially priority to "After sales services".

Products and Services

  • Electrical & Mechanical Services
  • Security System
  • Building & Factory M & E Design & Installation, Plumbing & Sanitary System
  • Air Conditioning Installation & Servicing


  • Engineers [General]