MPEC (Multi Power Engineering Co.,Ltd.)


19-1/323(B), Makhayar Min Thar Gyi St., Shwe Pauk Kan Industrial Zone, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Multi Power Engineering Company (MPEC) would like to send our respectful greetings and sincere appreciation to our partners and our valued customers, who have always believed in us and supported us for many years.
We have over 20 years of establishment, development, and providing the most reliable quality and satisfied services in power system solutions, including Medium/ Low-Voltage Switchgears: Main Switch Boards (MSB), ATS panel, Automatic power factor correction panel (Capacitor Bank), Generator Synchronizing control panels, Sub-distribution panel, Wall-mounted enclosures, Motor control center (MCC), customized enclosures, cable ladder, Cable Trunking and Cable Tray with International IEC Standard.

Products and Services

  • Main Switch Boards (MSB), ATS Panel
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel (Capacitor Bank)
  • Generator Synchronizing Control Panels
  • Sub-Distribution Panel
  • Wall-Mounted Enclosures
  • Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • Customized Enclosures
  • Cable Ladder
  • Cable Trunking
  • Cable Tray


  • Electrical & Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Goods Repair


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