MATA International Co., Ltd.


Rm 501, Bldg A, 5 Flr, Taw Win Rd., Corner of Pyay Rd., 9 Mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
We are a member company of MATA GROUP , supplier of Public Health Insecticides , equipment and hygiene solution products in Myanmar .We deliver long -term sustainable and profitable growth ahead of the markets and we will do this by providing the best customer service and solutions , delivered by the best staffs in the industry and by partnering with key vendors in the industry , underpinned by a low cost efficient operating model . We are supporting our customers with our additional expertise on matters in which they may not be familiar , again giving , extra value to their business dealings and we are always considering to provide quality products with affordable price for clients.Internally we find ourselves excited by the prospect and reward of growth . Stagnation , mediocrity and pessimism are not options . As a dynamic company willing to adapt to the market , we intend to be the most valued partner to all our clients and will settle for nothing less.

OurPartner History

Sherwood Chemicals Public Company Limited manufacturers and distributeschemicals products for household and industrial usage, agrochemicals and publichealth. All products containing technical materials, the substances whichrequire proper license, must be and have been registered with and licensed byeither the FDA, the Ministry of Public Health or the Department of Agriculture,the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative. Every batch of productmanufactured is to be analyzed and approved in accordance to the controlledproduct specifications prior to pack and release for sale. The company strivesto continually develop and improve existing products and also to create newproducts through its research and development department. The Company currentlysells approximately 220 products under 130 trademarks.

Products and Services

  • We are the leading Supplier of high quality industrial Chemical In secticide
  • Thai, Australia, Equipment (Blower, Spray, Fogging, Bait)
  • Malaria and Dengue Control Products, Bait Station + Tool
  • Flying Insects Trap, Hotels and Restaurant Pests Clean Products
  • DIY Products, Termite


  • Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Services
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