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710/B, Bo Tayza St., Saw Bwar Gyi Gone, 10 Miles, Insein Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us

Kyee Shwe & Sister Company is a big PPE supplier, which has been distributing personal protective equipment not only in Myanmar, but also in other countries.

Established in 1986, Kyee Shwe & Sister Company started its business by creating, production, and distributing its own seaman accessories and equipment.

In 1989, the company imported high-quality products from Thailand and China and introduced high-quality products to Myanmar market.

When Myanmar market opened up in 1994, the company continued to import and distribute ISO certified PPE products from Singapore, Thailand, and China.

As the market develops, it has been importing distributing high-quality products from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and China since 2002.

The personal protective equipment, which are being distributed by Kyee Shwe & Sister Company, is being used up to 80% in Myanmar’s PPE market.

Products and Services

  • ပစၥည္းမွန္၊ ေစ်းမွန္ေပးသည္။
  • Head protection, Eye protection, Hearing protection, Respiratory protection, Hand protection, Body protection, Foot protection.
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710/B, Bo Tayza St., Saw Bwar Gyi Gone Ward,, Insein, Yangon, Myanmar