K & K Maha Construction Co., Ltd.


37, Myanma Gone Yaung Housing, Myittar Nyunt,, Tarmwe, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us

K & K MahanConstruction Co., Ltd is a construction firm formed in 1992-2000 and involvednin many Civil, and Steel Structure Works such as housing, hotel, Factory,nHospital and dam construction projects.


K & K MahanConstruction Co., Ltd has recruited young, energetic and technically soundngroup of local engineers as main assets of the firm. Founding, members ofnMyanmar engineers have in deep understanding for local situation innconstruction fields.


Since our humblenbeginnings, we have striven for and achieved our present success due to hardnwork and commitment to provide the best services to all our valuable customers.nFurthermore, our construction cost is very reasonable as we aim to meet customers’nneeds with satisfaction.

nnWe look forward toncontinue to strive for excellence and participate in any kind of constructionnworks not only in local but also in international.

Products and Services

  • Decoration & Renovation
  • Suluice & Flap Gate