Golden Heir Trading Co., Ltd.


93, Thardu Kan St., Thar Du Kan Industrial Zone, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us

Logo tape, Double-sided tape, PE Stretch Wrap filmtape, Particular tape. We have a first-class equipment and a professionalproduction team with many years of experience in the field. The company’sproducts always maintain a leading position in the process.”MINGLEA” tape isour trademark Our company has always given priority to customer demand and wehave been learning from international and domestic advanced processingtechnology management and philosophy. This can help clients, improve efficiencyand reduce costs for the purpose of creating more profit, efficient andhumanized purpose. Our products are widely used in various industries.Therefore, we can provide a large number of high-quality products and servicesfor many modern enterprises. The company’s the high quality product, thefirst-class service, the superior inexpensive price increase customer value.Over the past decades, we have always firmly believed that every honorablecustomer ae important to us. Golden Heir Trading Co., Ltd. Sincerely thank youfor your support, assistance and cooperation. We will create high qualityproducts eith affordable price and create greater efficiency and service forcustomers.

Products and Services

  • OPP TAPE (White, Yellow, Colour Tape)
  • Paper TAPE (White, Kaft Tape)
  • Double Tape
  • PVC Tape


  • Tapes
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