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20/21, Thilawa Industrial Zone, Kyauk Tan Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
Established since 1933, First Top Group of Companies do a wide range of businesses, which includes the whole value chain of oilseeds and oil production (Global peanut oil, Global sesame oil, 3 Lobster Palm oil, 3 Flowers Sunflower oil, Crab Soybean oil, 999 Vegetable oil packs, etc),as well as production,sale and export of oilseeds, including dehulled sesame seeds and sesame powder, detergent powder and soap production (Under the brands of Top, Dixen, Laurel) and sale and distribution of plastic raisins.

Products and Services

  • 999 Vegetable Oil
  • Quality Edible Oil
  • Three Flowers
  • 3 Crab
  • 3 Lobsters
  • Healthy cooking oil


  • Agricultural [Palm Oil]
  • Cooking Oil [Vegetable]
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