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About Us
   Augustus Service Solutions Company Limited is constituted under laws of Pesticide registration Board in Myanmar. Now, we are giving high quality-services for control of termite and pests which are nuisance for our environment, annoying us and harms plants. Our technique is based on all biological, physical, chemical and cultural techniques, integrated Pest Management (IPM) and organized with well-trained workers in hand with certificate for using pesticides and insecticides for safe, effective, identical and unique services to “boost your environment”.
   We will give the best services using chemicals which have least side effect to environment and public health under license. 
   Our mission is to be one of the respectable Pest Control Service provide and to increase market share, customer loyalty, to achieve operation and system improvement and reduce complaints for long term growth.
   We are recognized company together with our dynamic team of well-trained committed professional and certified personnel to provide a high quality service to meet the standard required by the pest control industry in Myanmar August pest control services takes pride in this industry as it leads toward protecting human health and its property. 
Training Methods 
   We have informative training methods which include videos, workbooks that help our staff to work more effectively. The training helps our personnel to identify specific pests and to develop strategies to control them.
   We are committed to continuously upgrading and creating innovative ideas to increase staff competency so as to attain high efficiency in meeting customer’s requirements and satisfying their needs.

Mandalay Branch
Bldg.12, Rm 8, Mya Yi Nandar Housing, Chan Mya Thar Si Township, Mandalay.

Products and Services

  • Pre Construction Surface Treatment Service (for termite)
  • Post Construction Soil Injection Service (for termite)
  • Fumigation Service
  • Cold Fogging Service (ULV)
  • Residual Spray Service
  • Baiting System Service
  • Application Traps Service
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