Arr Man Shin Security Co., Ltd.


1284/1285, Thiri Zeya St., Ward (5), Hlaing Thar Yar Township, Yangon , Myanmar
About Us
AMS is the very first security services provider in Myanmar, founded in March, 2000.With over 20 years of experience in security sector, AMS is acknowledged by its clients as premier andleading security company delivering quality, competent and professional services. The main intention of AMS is to fulfill  security  requirements of both local and multinational companies through experienced security team. Our security team is highly recognized by clients for ifs dedicated and proficient services. Our security team works in collaboration with customers as strategic partner of choice serving in the best interest of customers. AMS has strong footholds throughout Myanmar providing services to leading local and multinational companies.

MD Forward message

                Weestablished Arr Man Shin Security Co., Ltd in 2000 with a team of motivatedyoung professionals. At AMS we invest in our people to provide the securityservices with international standards. Whatever your requirement, we appreciate,manage and develop our human resources with ethic and professional conduct. We transformsecurity service job into a promising career that during this time working inthis field is never been an attractive option. This commitment is alreadyproven by spreading out of our ex-employees to many other companies as securitymanager, chief security, marketing manager, HRD manager and other managerialposition. Actually most of them started their career from security guardposition. This is our pride to be support for all of our employee life andcareer.

Products and Services

  • Warehouse Security Service
  • Compound Security Service
  • Public area Security Service
  • Construction Site Security Service and Other Security Service
  • Cash and Valuables Delivery Security Services
  • Event and Exhibition Security Services, Security Consultation Services
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