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House of Singapura

House of Singapura

Written by Brandon Win

Hungry for some freshly served Chicken rice? Or perhaps a snippet of Singapore’s famous Laksa? If so, run downtown to Yangon’s very own House of Singapura, located in Union Business Center’s spacious parking compound. You will be astonished at how authentic the food is. It is by far one of the best Singaporean restaurants in Myanmar, with both taste and experience on par. The exquisite orientation of the food served matches the overall ambiance of the restaurant, as well as promotes the idea of good food at affordable prices. Since Singaporean dishes involve a blend of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese influences, there is a wide range of cuisines and dishes to choose from. Whether you’re dying for hot, delicious roti or for grilled satay, you can expect to find many options to fulfill your hunger and quench your thirst. With an ample parking lot, the location of House of Singapura offers a short escape to Singapore, secluded from the noisy, on-going happenings of the outside world. Once inside UBC’s compound, you can find a parking spot with ease, and enjoy the peace and serenity of the environment at your own pace. Located in the same building and operated by the same owner, there is a separate shop selling pizza and Italian dishes. So if you don’t fancy a Singaporean on a particular day, you have the option of ordering freshly baked pizza or an aromatic pasta dish. Life just got easier, didn’t it?

House of Singapura

UBC, Nat Mak Road, Yangon

09 302 58388

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