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Aung Ngeain is one of Myanmar's most successful international sports stars-she has won over 50 international Archery Medals including a Gold at the SEA Games, last year. The Myanmar Archery Federation holds lessons at Kyaikkasan.
Kyaikkasan Sports Ground, (I.S.P.E) Archery Field, Tamwe Tsp (095021903) Nan Aung - Coach


The Myanmar Football Federation is the governing body of football in Myanmar. The main competition is the Myanmar National League (MNL) and 14 football clubs participate.  Most matches are held at Aung San Stadium and Thuwunna Stadium. The best spot to have a kick about is the Kyaikkasan Grounds in Yankin.


There is a racing circuit at Thuwanna Sports Ground in Thingangyun, which has two-stroke karts. It was previously called Galaxy Race Track, but has now been renamed Top Ruby Land Racing Karts Club (However many taxi drivers still know it as Galaxy Race Track). You can book sessions from 10AM till dusk everyday. Ruby Land Racing Circuit, Thuwanna Sport Ground (095183582)

Skate Boarding & Roller Skating
Skaters from the Myanmar Skating Association or MSA meet up and skate every Friday at 7pm underneath Hledan Bridge. There is also the Speed Ring Skate Club, linked to the Speed Ring Skate Park in Thuwunna Playground, but they meet up in various underground locations. For more information check out: or go under the bridge downtown on a Friday.


For true fanatics, make a trip to Mandalay, where competitions and meets are regularly held due to its big skating community.


Horse Riding
The Myanmar Equestrian Club in North Dagon has horses and arenas; they do offer classes but you have to have a good ear for Myanmar Language.  
Myanmar Equestrian Club, Pyihtaungsu rd., Sport Complex, North Dagon Tsp (01584962)
YKKO Riding Club is in HmawBi  (60 km north of Yangon) and organises treks in the countryside. Ayeindamar Travels & Tours specialises in planning Equestrian tours. See the link for details:


Kite Fighting
There are Kite fighters every sunny day at Kyeemyindaing Railway Station at 3:30pm; or alternatively at Wardan Jetty. The aim of this game is to slice through your opponent's kite string. The Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation organises Kite Fighting Festivals during early April at Kyaikkasan Grounds and Thuwunna Youth Training Camp.


The International Shooting Stadium, in North Dagon, is only open to the public outside of competitions and formal training of the Myanmar shooting team. Phone ahead to check -
International Shooting Range-Pyigtaungsu Street (16) Quarter, North Dagon
Phone: 01 8011075.

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