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MY Yangon speaks with Trish Gallery's founder Patricia Pun, and U Tin Win, the gallery Manager and Advisor


Why was the gallery established?
I bought my first painting at the age of 17 and since then I have been an avid collector. After my retirement I decided to open a gallery. Trish Gallery opened on the 28th of August 2010.


What sets Trish apart from other Yangon Galleries?
We collect and share artwork for all art lovers.We support both well known and up and coming artists. We encourage young artists to create modern and contemporary ideas.


What have been your most memorable exhibitions so far?
Our Opening Ceremony, which exhibited a solo show by Artist U Ba Win on the 28th August 2010, followed by U Lun Gywe Donation Show in 2014.


How do you curate? For each exhibition what are you trying to display?
We collect artworks on Realism, Modern and Contemporary. The decision to collect a painting is based on subject, colour, tone and brush work which are visible in each and every painting. We also wish to capture the meaning and interpret the inner thought of the artist's inner feelings. For each exhibition we would try our best to reveal the artist's message in each painting.


What are the challenges and rewards of running a gallery in Yangon?
Since art is a specialized subject not everyone can understand what art is all about. People who appreciate art know that collecting artwork is an investment. Those who do not appreciate art will naturally feel it is a waste of money or is not an investment. The challenges are that we need to introduce art to more people especially to the younger generation.


The biggest reward for me as an individual collector is the joy in just looking at an art piece and enjoying every moment of it. Of course there is also the satisfaction of financial gain when we let go of that art piece one day.


Over the last five years the art scene in Myanmar has grown considerably. How has it changed over this time?
Artists are more exposed in their ideas and have contributed to many changes. The first wave was in 1988 when an open market policy was practiced. The second wave was at the Asean Art Award Competition in 2002 which introduced large size paintings. The third wave was when the Democratic Government came into effect in 2011,  since then the art business has become more vibrant, many art galleries opened,  private art schools for various levels opened, all art students  from government schools can join the art business directly,  many art classes are taught in government high schools and even in private high schools. But most importantly teachers and parents understand that providing art subjects to youngsters is very effective to inspire their creativity and art awareness which is useful to any field of study that they may pursue for their future.


In your opinion how important is art in Myanmar?
Art is a basic tool of Myanmar culture to describe the Buddha's holy stories. Some of Myanmar's oldest artworks, the mural paintings  in the Bagan pagodas, are still visible today. Every Myanmar person has always seen pictures of Buddha's story since he was young and art makes him understand the story better. Since Myanmar is a Buddhist country, art is always involved with Myanmar people's lives.


Who are the most interesting/exciting Myanmar artists?
U Lun Gywe, Min Wai Aung, Bogie, Kyee Myint Saw, WPM, Aung Myint, U Malar, Nann Nann and Min Zeyar Oo


What are the future plans for Trish Gallery? Any future exhibitions in the pipeline?
We plan to exhibit 6 shows in the coming season from September 2015 to February 2016, on the first Saturday of every month. Each exhibit will run for 9 days.


One special feature exhibition is a "80+90" Art Show, which will be on the 5th of September 2015 and will exhibit artists who are over 80 years old. There are currently 9 artists in the lineup.


46 A, Flat C, Excellent Condominium,
Min Kyaung Street X Pantra Street, Dagon Tsp.
Tel: 01 375 865 Ext: 103, 010 300 0921,
Mobile: 959 501 0657(Oversea Call)
09 501 0657 (Local Call). www.trishgallery.com


For more gallries visit : http://www.yangondirectory.com/categories-index/art-galleries.html

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