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February is a time for kissing and
cuddles- YUK!


This is because February 14 is the feast of Saint Valentine. There are many different stories about Saint Valentine, so many in fact it is hard to know which one is true. The most popular is that Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly married couples in love, who the Emperor Caesar didn’t want to be married. When the Emperor Caesar found out, he arrested Valentine. Whilst in jail awaiting his death, he magically cured the jailers’ daughter from blindness. When he was executed he left her a note in his empty cell that she later found signed ‘Your Valentine’.


Because of this he is known as the patron saint of love and all over the world on his feast day couples in love write messages to each other signed Your Valentine!


Enjoy colouring in this special romantic picture by talented MY Yangon illustrator Ba Htay Kyi


Can you guess where it is? Have you been there?

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