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The Eames Executive Chair has a high back and a sophisticated, refined aesthetic that sits well in all kinds of home office.
MMK 1,150,000.00
MMK 1,035,000. 00
Embody began with the recognition of a previously unsolved problem: the lack of physical harmony between people and their technology.
MMK 2,677,500.00
MMK 2,409,750. 00
Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber designed the Embody Chair. The result set a new benchmark for ergonomic seating technology.
MMK 2,983,500.00
MMK 2,685,150. 00
Offered by MMRD Trading
Offered by MMRD Trading
The Flo family of monitor arms possesses both award winning aesthetic design and functionality.
MMK 403,000.00
MMK 318,370. 00
Offered by MMRD Trading
Offered by MMRD Trading
Monte and Jardin King Jacquard Velvet blanket 284 x 233cm
MMK 63,200.00
MMK 51,824. 00
By using smart engineering to transform simple materials, the Sayl Chair is everything a good office chair should be:
MMK 1,132,200.00
MMK 1,018,980. 00
Good design, healthy support, and exceptional value are always attractive—and Sayl delivers all three.
MMK 1,132,200.00
MMK 1,018,980. 00