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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

09 June 2015

The dramatic surge in smart phone ownership has ...



11 June 2015

There is a constant stream of new restaurants po...

We Love Bahan

We Love Bahan

15 June 2015

Bahan is one of the most affluent townships in Y...

All About Longyis

All About Longyis

11 May 2015

Myanmar is one of the only countries in South-Ea...

  • MY Yangon (July)

Yangon is beautifully unique; it’s quirks and customs making it stand out and an appealing destination to discover.

Street Stops

You can find delicious food on nearly every corner...

Ethnic Eats

Myanmar cuisine has rich diversity, with food variety linked...

Couch Grazing

Like the rest of the world, the popularity of...

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